• A.Cuyp (February 2017 ON THE AIR)

    one of the most visited places in Amsterdam by locals and tourist have relay on Pink WiFi to deploy its WiFi service and Free WiFi Social Media access to their visitors. Over 6 Million visitors a year will be enjoying the Free WiFi of this Incredible place and traditional Market of Amsterdam. Along with the market, visitors of the surrounding areas will enjoy of the hospitality of A. Cuyp WiFi Network.

    Albert Cuyp Free WiFi powered by Pink WiFi run the WiFi network(Ruckus® Based Equipment) in combination with the market’s management.

    IT Partners such as Comsaveand IT ProTech will carry the responsibility of the Internet connection and Hardware, while Pink WiFi will provide the Social media access and marketing advertising for THE MARKET. The mission is to help the market and its entrepreneurs as well as the whole “De Pijp”area to grow and expand business and acknowledgement.

    Come enjoy the wonderful Market with over 192 different selected range of services, Fresh Food, Clothing, Snacks and Relax. ANYHTHING you can think of and you will ever need is in THE ALBERT CUYP MARKET!!!!

  • Bars, Restaurants and Cafes

    While servicing this stat of art and highly demanded industry Pink Wifi is participating in several projects with the most relevant customers within The Netherlands:

    Genki Restaurant, over 8.5000 unique visitors, 12000 ++ loggings and a range of multiple successful promo’s is a trend in the tourist route of Amsterdam.

    Among others Pink WIFI runs in multiple bars, cafes and restaurants in Haarlem and Amsterdam supporting the business exposure and growth.

    Candy Castle: One of the most popular family centers in Amsterdam, located in a unique location has become THE Party center for families and celebrations. Since its opening in 2016 more than 15.000 unique visitors and 31.000++ logins have been enjoying the services of Candy Castle Free Wifi. WE love Candy’s !!!

  • City Mall Guayaquil

    Started September 2016. Upscale of WF network with Mikrotik equipment. In combination with TATEL IT, as tech partner. A complete satisfaction of the Venue City Mall one of the most relevant meeting points for the Guayaquil People, second largest city of Ecuador. Account with 14.000++ unique visitors and over 22.000 visit since implementation in September 2016.

  • EHL, European Hockey League

    A competition from the Eurpean (Field)Hokey Federation, THE CHAMPIONS league of HOCKEY, in combination with its Tech Partner KPN events (Ruckus® based equipment) and Pink WiFi Platform have offered access to 14.000++ visitors and to this unique event in Amsterdam Hockey Stadium last March 2016. While KPN events have been charged with the responsibility of the Internet connection and Pink WIFI was awarded with the responsibility of the Free WiFi Internet for the event’s visitors the cooperation between EHL, KPN events and Pink was smoothly and professional. Visitors from all over Europe were delighted to enjoy careless the connection of internet and being communicated of the latest news and events. EHL got an incredible rate of information, likes and preferences of their visitors as well as a tremendous impact in the social networks. WELL DONE EHL and we hope to continue being your WiFi access supporter!!

  • Fun Center Amstelveen (Jumpers indoor)

    A state of art indoor fun center and one of the most visited attraction for families and business. Since the implementation of the Pink WiFI Social media platform in cooperation with its TECH partner Baas 365, the business has seen an increase of the conversion rate of its reservations from regular customers as well as new visitors of up to 42%.

    More successful promotion campaigns and satisfied visitors have been achieved through the comprehension of the likes and preferences of their public, helping Fun Center Amstelveen to generate a better service of their offer and activities. Fun Center Amstelveen have been achieved the exploitation of the new “POOL” in the Amsterdamse Bos, a central out door location in the heart of Amstelveen for locals and tourists. Fun center Amstelveen will be offering FREE WIFI access through Pink WiFi platform into the new location and enjoying the success of its business. WELL DONE !!!

    QUOTE: DH – IT Managment Fun Center Amstelveen: Fun Center Amstelveen is een "Family Entertainment Center" in Amstelveen. Belangrijk is dat er continu gestreefd wordt naar een verbetering van de sterke band met haar klanten.

    Een belangrijke groep bezoekers maakt gebruik van de horeca faciliteiten, zoals het restaurant gedeelte en bestaat uit wachtende ouders, terwijl hun kinderen zich vermaken op de trampolines of de andere activiteiten.

    Door deze groep bezoekers een WiFi- internetverbinding aan te bieden wordt ingespeeld op de groeiende gebruik van smartphones, tablets en laptops.

    Door deze internetverbinding via de portal van Pink Wifi te laten lopen en te scheiden van de bedrijfsinternetverbinding voor intern gebruik, ontstond er veilig WiFi netwerk voor de bezoekers van Fun Center Amstelveen (FCA)

    Met de informatie, zoals emailadressen, uit de portal konden er verschillende mail campagnes worden gestart specifiek afgestemd op deze groep. Een jaar nadat de Pink Wi-Fi dienst was gelanceerd hebben er 1494 bezoekers hun gegevens achtergelaten en hiervan waren 1105 (74%) nieuwe (onbekende) bezoekers. Inmiddels hebben hiervan 1419 (63%) opnieuw FCA opnieuw bezocht oa. dankzij deze persoonlijke mailcampagnes op basis van de informatie uit de portal van Pink Wifi. (Feb.’17)

  • Linea Cartago

    Pink WiFI CR and M&MA and Publimedia has successfully installed and run the project on the Public Bus Line – Linea Cartago, S.J. de CR during 30 days. Complete success for the Managers of the operating services as well for the Media company running the advertising on the Network. Over 200 unique users /day /Bus. A Pionering service for the daily travelers ahead of their time in Costa Rica. Management and Media Group are looking into deployment for the whole 400 buses covering several lines throughout S. Jose de Costa Rica

  • Mall El Fortin

    Launch Mar.’17: Pink WiFi Ecuador to deploy an state of the ART WiFi Network in cooperation with Tele Red as tech partner (Ruckus Systems ®) will be providing the WIFI access to the whole Mall (over 1.000 sq. mts distributed in 3 floors) covering 10.000++ visitors daily. Social Media access + Location and Presence services will be reported to the organization including analytics and report ON TIME that will make a close link between the Mall, its tenants and Management and visitors to know the ins and outs of them and generate more relevant and attractive offer for their public raising interest and affluence of crowd.

  • MultiPLaza Mall

    Pink WiFI CR In combination with M&MA and Local Network Operator (Ruckus® and Cisco Systems® base equipment) have been running a successful project of implementation of the Social Media Access through the Mall’s WiFi Network offering a value added service of professional FREE WIFI to its visitors. The operators have seen an increase of the conversion of customers of 30% over the visitors while generating more relevant content for their public and thanks to the analytics collected through Pink WIFI platform.
    The project is still in evaluation with a complete satisfaction of the participants (public as well as management)

  • NL

    Since our incorporation Pink WiFi is being supporting business WIFI access online helping them to achieve a better understanding of their visitors likes and preferences. This has resulted in an increase of their business, customers conversion, exposure of their brands and loactions, generating real value advertising campaigns and loyal public.

  • Segundo Muelle

    Costa Rica: A chain of Fine Peruvian Kitchen present in Peru, Panama, Ecuador and Spain, have been running on Pink WIFI platform to offer unlimited free WIFI access to its visitors and customers. As an innovative and vanguards company, Segundo Muelle has successfully install the Social Media access concept allowing its visitors to enjoy a state of art wifi connection while getting to know the likes and preferences of its visitors. Over 1432 registers within 3 months, more than 730 new and unique log ins allows the chain in Costa Rica to hook up with the likes and preferences of its public, resulting in a much finest and elaborate kitchen offer that supports conversion ratios of visitors and happy customers returning to enjoy their delicatessen.

  • ZBB Zwembad Branche day, 2016

    De Fabrique, Utrecht. During this unique event in the wonderful location of the old Factory in Utrecht, in cooperation with the local Network Tech Partner and Mikrotik Based equipment, Pink WiFI have been charged with the responsibility to offer social media access to their visitors and the organization. We are very proud to be servicing a wide range of industries and adapting our platform to business and events, whatever the needs they have it is.

    Pink wifi is a reliable partner working and cooperating with enterprise equipment (Cisco, Ruckus, Merraki, Mikrotik among others) hand in hand with the most relevant Tech Partners around the globe