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Pink Free WiFi hotspot allows your business to grow by engaging your customers to your venue and brand

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    Digitalizing marketing brought a demand for much more measurable activity. Social media activity is embedded in the marketing communications approach for any business but many organizations are still missing the engagement tools and monitoring what social Wi-Fi can deliver. Both business and consumers expect to be able to get online to remain up to date with news, offers, information and to be able to communicate. With PinkFreeWiFi®, marketing teams can now get value from their Wi-Fi connection A clear picture of who is using the Wi-Fi (age, gender, location, visits). They are now able to target them with relevant campaigns.


    The PinkFreeWiFi® portal reports give you an exact insight into your users profile. Our package can integrate with various apps and programs. Taking analytics to the next level, PinkFreeWifi brings insight when it comes to know your consumers, which is essential for marketing evaluation and planning.


    The marketing tools available in the PinkFreeWiFi® personal portal provide a comprehensive method to monitor and actively promote your business through Social Media. You can tailor your login pages and landing page with specific branding and advertising. You can monitor and measure them within your portal, which enables you to see the results of all your activities and the response of your targeted groups.


    We like to share and so do you for your business to expand and grow. It’s the key to your success! Any questions? Email us:

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  • Our Mission

    Providing more marketing, sponsor options to business of all kinds in an affordable and easy way. With simple and easy access and directly monetizing their existent Wi-Fi.

  • Our Vision

    Is to support and make your business or association successful and help it grow by becoming your sparring partner. We commit to you!


    Need more information on how to apply PinkFreeWiFi® to create a turnkey marketing or sponsor campaign? We have our specialists ready to answer all your questions: Email: or for general information