A.Cuyp (February 2017 ON THE AIR)

one of the most visited places in Amsterdam by locals and tourist have relay on Pink WiFi to deploy its WiFi service and Free WiFi Social Media access to their visitors. Over 6 Million visitors a year will be enjoying the Free WiFi of this Incredible place and traditional Market of Amsterdam. Along with the market, visitors of the surrounding areas will enjoy of the hospitality of A. Cuyp WiFi Network.

Albert Cuyp Free WiFi powered by Pink WiFi run the WiFi network(Ruckus® Based Equipment) in combination with the market’s management.

IT Partners such as Comsaveand IT ProTech will carry the responsibility of the Internet connection and Hardware, while Pink WiFi will provide the Social media access and marketing advertising for THE MARKET. The mission is to help the market and its entrepreneurs as well as the whole “De Pijp”area to grow and expand business and acknowledgement.

Come enjoy the wonderful Market with over 192 different selected range of services, Fresh Food, Clothing, Snacks and Relax. ANYHTHING you can think of and you will ever need is in THE ALBERT CUYP MARKET!!!!