With Pink platform, you can integrate different networks around your territory, generate different campaigns for different public segmentation or for each of the locations within your network. You can also integrate your campaigns with your advertising and generate advertising campaigns for third parties (your suppliers, partners, sponsors) enhancing brands and growing your business. All in ONE PLATFORM

Real time data can be monitored through the dash board, anywhere from the cloud, and in any device. Time of visit, Recurrent visitors, visits to different locations of your network and...

All data colleted will be at your disposal ON LINE. Hiper Segmentation, Analytics, to allow you analyze the behavior of your visitors, their likes and preferences, how recurrent they are and how loyal can they be or become to your business. Generate Mailing, campaigns, promotion in real time. Any time, anywhere.

With Pink Location & Presences you can detect devices around your WiFI network but also locate them and target those connected for invitations and promotions. Intelligent Maps, heat maps, location maps, area/zone analytics, routes folowed